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Engineering consulting

Whether consulting on specific topics or performing general tunnel design – our design engineers offer support throughout the project duration including the tender and contract stages.

Geotechnical Engineering: 

  • geotechnical interpretative reporting
  • design parameters for structural tunnel design
  • criteria for choice of TBM
  • parameters for tunnel induced settlement estimation

Segmental Lining: 

  • structural lining design
  • design calculation using 2D and 3D FEM models
  • design of special segments, for example for cross passage openings
  • detailed solutions for waterproofing, fire protection

Cross passages: 

  • excavation stages for the cross passages in different ground conditions
  • primary (SCL) lining
  • temporary support measures
  • waterproofing solutions
  • connection (including sealing) with the running tunnels
  • construction method for openings between main tunnel and cross passage

Compensation grouting: 

  • detailed shaft and TAM layout
  • required grout area
  • estimation of grouting volume

Ground freezing

  • thermal calculation of freezing body
  • structural analysis of freezing body
  • energy considerations
  • detailed planning of freezing pipes bores

TBM launching and break out: 

  • steel design for TBM launch/reception structure
  • dimensioning of ground improvement in permeable or weak ground conditions depending on the geological conditions and the expected construction schedule

Building damage evaluation: 

  • settlement estimations for tunnel and open excavations
  • settlement contour lines (CAD drawing)
  • settlement sections
  • building damage risk assessment using damage categories
  • mitigation measures

Monitoring and instrumentation: 

  • monitoring and instrumentation schemes for urban tunnelling projects
  • geotechnical and building monitoring
  • state-of-the art sensors for structural health monitoring