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IRIS â€“ Integrated Risk and Information System

Process control systems are already standard operating procedure across many industries, such as chemistry or automobile construction.This is only partially true within the construction industry. Increased integration of structural engineering design, mechanical engineering design and actual construction promises a clear potential for improvement and enhanced competence.

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process data management, analysis and visualization for TBM tunnelling. >>more Info


process data management, analysis and visualization for pipe jacking. >>more info


a single data platform to store complex geotechnical measurement data for projects of all sizes. >>more info

IRIS foundation

Connecting construction progress data with real-time measurement. >>more info


allows users to access their data after the project has been completed. 

IRIS is a process data management system that has been developed specifically for the management of complex infrastructure construction projects. 

IRIS provides an integrated solution for risk assessment and information management. Timely availability of current process data, output in intelligible format is a prerequisite for the optimal control of the operating processes, thereby leading to risk minimization.

IRIS is a web application, and thus does not require program-specific installation. 

IRIS provides an economical solution because of relatively modest hardware requirements at the construction site. 

IRIS, as a web application, it stores the process data on a server platform. The data are available to our customers worldwide. The data is securely stored on an additional archive server – allowing later access to a completed project.