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As is the case for any production process, microtunneling is controlled by numerous information and data streams. 

Timely availability of current information formatted intelligibly from the incoming data is the foundation for the optimal control of the tunneling processes, thereby leading to risk minimization.

IRIS.microtunnel offers a comprehensive data management and analysis tool for this data. This allows microtunneling to be continuously adjusted and optimized for the prevailing geological conditions. 

Feature Tour



Visualization of bentonite volume in combination with geological data.

Shift data

can easily be recorded by a simple user-interface. This reduces the daily paperwork of the site team.


provides a large number of standardized report formats. Thus, the data can be summarized and presented within a short time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

TBM process data analysis

enables the ongoing evaluation of tunnelling data during and after the TBM drive. Here, IRIS.tunnel provides a wide range of process data, geological values and measurement data that can be correlated to each other. read more

Alarm functions

allow the specification of trigger values for any measurements recorded by IRIS. Alarm messages can be sent by email to IRIS users.