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A comprehensive monitoring program is currently a prerequisite for any large construction project in inner city areas. Geotechnical measurements are indispensible to monitor the stability of diaphragm walls, drainage measures, etc. at all times. Extensive sensing data from measurements on existing buildings, influenced by the current project must frequently be taken into account. Increasingly, these measurements are performed automatically, virtually in real time, thereby yielding large data volumes. Results from manual measurements recorded at regular time intervals must also be processed.

With IRIS.geomonitoring, this data flood can be efficiently managed and made available in an intelligible and user-friendly format to all project participants.

Feature Tour


IRIS maps

interactive plan view with display of alarm values.

Building view

display of facade monitoring points together with their alarm level 

Data access

direct access to measurement values.

Data analysis

chart tools for plotting and analysing of multiple-source measurements.

Document management

Method statements, technical data sheets of instruments etc. can be uploaded to IRIS.

IRIS.geomonitoring can accomplish the following:

  • Visualization of the geotechnical installations location. This graphical representation of the measured points can be used to query the data of the various geotechnical monitoring systems.
  • Evaluation of different measuring systems, creation of standardized measurement logs..
  • Document management for online storage of instrumentation data sheets, manuals etc.