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Excavation of open construction pits is a complex endeavour with many unique challenges. Depending on project size, deep excavations often influence adjacent buildings and structures. to help mitigate these challenges, the IRIS.foundation digital construction diary tool offers visualization of past and present construction stages with just a few mouse clicks.

Feature Tour


IRIS maps

interactive map of present and past construction stage

Process navigator

Visualization of construction groups, aearial pictures, CAD drawings and montitoring data (with IRIS.geomonitoring) in geographic information system (GIS).

Construction information

can be easily displayed through the process navigator

Digital construction diary

Gantt chart

visualization of construction progress

IRIS.foundation provides the following tools: 

  • Process navigator: Display of different construction stages through time slider function.
  • GIS-Visualization: all construction elements are geo-referenced for visualization.
  • Digital construction diary: Construction time management, geometry, comments, etc.
  • Gantt chart of construction progress
  • Document management system for online storage of method statements, photos etc.
  • Cross linking construction process data with IRIS.geomonitoring measurement data.

Data can be input either manually or by file upload.
IRIS.foundation can either be used as a stand-alone solution or in combination with IRIS.geomonitoring and IRIS.tunnel. This provides construction sites with one single software solution for the integration of several process systems.